CCTV Security Cameras

We specialize in CCTV Security Camera systems. We designed and do installation of cctv cameras in Commercial applications like Grocery & Conveniences stores, Hotels & Motels, Warehouses, Doctors Office etc.

Fire Alarm

We design and install fire alarm systems in conformance with the requirements of NFPA 72. We service, inspect, maintain, repair, and monitor fire alarm systems of ers.

Security Alarm

Our commercial intrusion detection systems combine a quality, user-friendly alarm panel with motion sensors placed at entryways and numerous points throughout your building.  After site inspection, our professional technicians will design a system that provides the effective intrusion detection solution your business needs.

Access Control

We do installation of  keyless entry systems to control, track, and protect personnel and assets at your business.

This prevent unauthorized entry and exit from your entire facility or specific parts of your facility based of groups of users.

Alarm Houston - CCTV Cameras, Fire Alarm, Access Control & Security Alarm.

Designing, Installation and Servicing of CCTV, Fire & Security

Alarm Houston – We have committed ourselves as a company to provide communication and security solutions as a knowledgeable provider that offers fast response and a range of products and services tailored to meet your needs. We are committed to your business success. We want to understand your business, earn your trust and provide precisely the solutions you need when, where and how you need them. As your communications and security company, we can guide you through today’s rapidly changing technological environment, helping you to make the right communications and security decisions.

We are in business to save you money, both in the cost of equipment and in long-term energy savings. We are dedicated to providing high quality professional solutions for all your low voltage needs – from the planning stages to final sign-off, we will help you meet your goals for less. We are proud to provide most advanced CCTV, Fire & Security Alarm systems available today. All this backed by over 20 years of IT experience.

CCTV Camera

We offer IP cameras, AHD, NVR and DVR surveillance systems. We begin by providing you consultation to create a customized security plan.

Fire Alarm

We are experienced in providing quality maintenance, installation and customer service for all clients’ fire alarm needs.

Security Alarm

All our  alarm systems are custom designed and professionally installed. We use the latest in security technology and are designed to meet clients unique security needs.

CCTV Camera - Houston Security Cameras Installation

We use 2MP, 5MP and 8 MP cctv cameras with outstanding image clarity.  Our video surveillance systems provide powerful and easy-to-use features and simplified access to live and stored video.

In addition to providing a visual record of incidents, the presence of security cameras can be a powerful deterrent.

We strive to install systems in the most cost effective manner possible without compromising system quality or performance.  We provide a wide range of security cameras suitable for stores, offices, warehouses, industrial complexes, hotels & motels at a competitive price.

Access Control - Houston Access Control Systems, Business Card Access, Access Management Specialists

Access Control 

Security Alarm - Houston Alarm Insatallation

We installs Honeywell, DSC, GE and other major brand alarm system with highest level of protection possible. 

Our security professionals are highly experienced in designing security solutions to address the risks of an entire building or multiple locations and incorporate a combination of wired or wireless sensor devices, at affordable prices.

Sensors including

  • Door and Window Contacts
  • Photoelectric Beams
  • Infrared Motion Sensors
  • Window Barrier Bar Protection
  • Dual Technology Motion Sensors
  • Window Screen Protection
  • Hold-up Alarms
  • Shock Sensors
  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Safe and Vault Alarms
Fire and Smoke Alarm - Houston Fire alarm system installation

Our licensed and experienced team of professionals can design, install, inspect and maintain your fire and life safety systems. Our mission is to ensure uninterrupted operation of systems that comply with today’s ever changing and complex municipal fire codes.





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